The Lost Siren

The Lost Siren
Science Fiction Fairytale Retelling

They created us
They feared us
They destroyed us
…But we kept surviving

Seréne was born on an ocean planet, shackled and kept away from the dangers of the galaxy, but her father’s unyielding commands and the laws binding her to one planet alone slowly turn her reckless in search of freedom and maybe just a little bit of revenge. Buying a human disguise would provide a key to slipping away into the stars where they’ll unknowingly embrace the enemy. The price? Her voice. She’ll gladly

Embarking on a quest of rebellion by stowing away on a ship full of mercenaries, Seréne quickly finds herself facing a looming galactic battle against a powerful force waiting to strike. None of that matters, however, if the ruthless crew discover her true identity first. They’ll kill her on sight.

After finally escaping her stifling home and seeing what the galaxy has to offer she soon must choose between keeping her new life and reveling in her newfound freedom or sacrificing everything to save the very people she once tried so hard to escape. 

Inspired by the classic tale of The Little Mermaid.

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